We need your help.

The Rotary Club of New Bern is doing this drive to help a local child as well as others in our community, state and nation.

Kindly use the flyer and get it into the hands of any and all groups, businesses, neighbors, friends, etc., that can make people aware of our BE THE MATCH campaign at Mumfest.

Share this post and ask others to share it.

“Be The Match” is a great charity to find bone marrow donors for people critically/ terminally ill. Nowadays it is very easy and the donor process is relatively painless. It’s mere cotton swab inside the cheek to get put into the registry database. The targets are relatively healthy people ages 18-44.

They especially need people from the minority community.

The registry is online at

Thank you so much for your assistance.

Kind regards,

Walt Kerner


Link to flyer here


Mumfest Be the Match